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A bulbous nasal tip refers to a tip that is too rounded or wide in relation to the remainder of the nose. This can be due to the shape of the underlying structure, or just thick skin, but regardless of the cause, this nose type looks bottom heavy and draws attention away from the eyes.

For the nose tip rhinoplasty exist various surgical techniques:

  • Nasal tip lifting can be achieved through shortening the inferior anterior portion of the nasal septum, narrowing the alar cartilage (palpable on the nose tip and often visible as a double bead), and by means of fixed inner sutures to secure the alar cartilage.
  • To attain narrowing of the nose tip through the nose tip rhinoplasty, the alar cartilage can be molded using sutures. Sometimes the cartilage must be divided and newly sutured. Occasionally, cartilage transplantations are necessary to form the tip when a globe-like deformity is involved.
  • Reduction of the nose tip can be accomplished through shortening the anterior superior portion of the nasal septum and the alar cartilage. If an extensive reduction must be achieved with the nose tip rhinoplasty, the nares can appear too large. This can be corrected through shortening the nasal alar wings (Wedge Excision) in the area of the nasofacial sulcus.
  • Stabilization of the columella in the case of soft cartilage support can be attained with a small cartilage transplant (so called columella strut) which is obtained from the nasal septum.

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