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Tooth whitening has become one of the most popular dental procedures today, recognized as providing huge benefits to a person in addition to its aesthetic value. Tooth whitening aims to lighten your teeth and help in the removal of stains and discoloration brought about by foods and drinks that cause stains, use of tobacco, and lack of dental care. Teeth may also become stained or dark due to the normal wear and tear of the teeth as the enamel gets thinner while the dentin becomes darker.
Teeth whitening may be performed either at home or at dentist’s office. Bleaching the teeth with trays is accomplished by wearing bleaching trays with bleaching gel in them. The trays are made of thin clear flexible vinyl. Most patients find these trays very comfortable to wear and sleep with.

The most common in-office whitening procedure involves custom-made trays filled with bleaching solution that fit firmly over teeth. Because your dentist supervises the procedure, a stronger bleaching solution can be used than what's found in home kits. A specialized light or laser activates the gel and allows bleaching to happen faster. Professional teeth whitening delivers optimum whitening results in a short amount of time.


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