Cooperation between Baltic States Medical tourism clusters and Associations established

On September 11, 2013, in the premises of Lithuanian Parliament during the Conference on regional Tourism Development, organized by the Baltic Assembly, a letter of intent on cooperation was signed between Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster, Lithuanian Resort Association, Estonian Health Tourism Cluster, Latvian Health Tourism Cluster and Latvian Resort Association.

According to the letter of intent, the new Baltic Health Tourism Cluster is going to be established till February 2014 in order to help Baltic countries to compete with larger and more experienced markets.

The main goal of the Baltic Health Tourism Cluster is the development and implementation of Baltic region's marketing strategy for Western and Eastern Europe. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Scandinavian countries, Ireland and the United Kingdom are identified as the main target markets. Other plans of the Cluster include cooperation when purchasing the most expensive medical equipment, improvement of healthcare services, exchange of best practices and development of tourist routes within Baltic region in order to attract larger numbers of medical and health tourists from all over the world.