Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as from the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas.

One of the common myths is that liposuction is equivalent to regular weight loss. In reality, liposuction is not an alternative to weight loss. In fact, ideal patients for many body contouring procedures are individuals of have attained and maintain a healthy body weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Liposuction procedures are ideal for minimizing fat in isolated areas that is resistant to traditional weight loss. It is not an effective procedure to deal with obesity, loose skin,  intra-abdominal fat (visceral fat), and it cannot eliminate stretch marks and cellulite from the skin. 

When determining the cost of treatment, there are a number of considerations to take into account. These include:

  • The treatment area . Typically, larger areas such as the abdomen or back will cost more than smaller areas. However, costs can also be higher if a patient wishes to treat a particularly difficult area, such as the chin or cheeks.

  • Multiple treatment areas. Liposuction costs will be higher if a patient wants to enhance several parts of his or her body.

  • Body type.  Because the final price is partially determined by the amount of fat removed, the treatment may cost more for larger patients.

  • The procedure used. Advanced methods such as ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction typically costs more than traditional procedures. However, in some cases the traditional liposuction may be the most suitable treatment.

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