Laser-assisted lipodestruction



Laser-assisted liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a technique known as “laser lipolysis” to destroy fat cells via laser energy. 
Intended for:

  • removal of cellulite even for patients having normal weight;
  • correction of body shape when there is fatty tissue excess;
  • removal of local fatty accumulations for patients having normal weight;
  • skin lift;
  • removal of lymphomas;
  • correction of previous insufficient, unsuccessful liposuctions;
  • after stomach reduction surgeries or for those who lost much weight in order to reduce excess skin.


  • Incomparably better aesthetic effect is received in comparison with simple liposuction. Inequalities are gone, additional surgeries are not required.
  • Additional post-operational effect is received - skin lift, effect of floppy skin is gone.
  • General anaesthesia is not necessary, thus additional preparation for the surgery is unnecessary.
  • Considerably shorter and easier post-operational period: practically analgesics are not necessary, more rapidly and nicely heal wounds, smaller bruising.
  • Usually the next day patient may come back to his/her normal activity.

Is ideally suitable for hard to reach with usual suction cannula areas: chin, knee areas, in case of gynaecomastia, in case of lymphoma and similarly. By minimally invasive method without causing traumas to surrounding tissues a very nice aesthetic result is achieved. Compressing dressing is being worn for a shorter period - only 3-5 days.

How it is performed:
Through micro incision is put in a special cannula with laser optical fibre. By using laser ray energy the fatty tissue is simply melted and liquid is sucked out. When there are smaller accumulations the melted fat simply removes by itself together with the lymph. Due to the thermal effect of laser energy during a period of four months approximately skin shrinks and thus excess is reduced.

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