EAV Dermatron CLS Therapy


EAV Dermatron CLS device is used for both diagnostics and treatment. According to a frequency range set by Dr. Voll specialists can apply an especially effective EAV and stress relieving oscillation theraphy intended to cure a wide range of health disorders.
Every illness like every organ has its own frequency. A dominant frequency in a healthy body is 0.9 Hz or 10 Hz. Any disturbance can change the frequency, thus every organ is cured using a special low-frequency impulse depending on a particular illness. This impulse restores functions of a disturbed organ.
Oscillation therapy in Electroacupuncture has revealed entirely new possibilities in medical current therapy. EAV "Dermatron CLS uses varied biological low-frequency oscillations which maintain both chemical and electrophysical homeostasis. The human body obeys slow rhythms. Already the ancient oriental people perceived life as movement and flow. Thousands of years ago the Chinese discovered the invisible although measurable channels of human body energy flow (the meridians), which can be described by the term „Acupuncture“.
EAV is a further development of those ancient sciences of healing based on modern medical knowledge and contemporary thought. Long-lasting research of Dr. Voll and his colleagues as well as their considerable experience have revealed that it is possible to achieve perfect treatment results at low frequencies ranging from 0.9 Hz to 10 Hz because our body functions at the same range. Deep frequency range is especially effective for the blood and the lymph, medium frequency range is good for the vegetative, central, and peripheral nervous system, while high frequencies help to eliminate harmful substances out of the body. Besides wave oscillation from 0.9 Hz to 10 Hz there are frequencies of individual organs as well.
Previously, medical current therapy used red light, composite rays or infrared rays with special incandescent lamps. However frequencies are not indicated here because you ought to work with extremely big frequency values.
Application forms:

  • Ultrasound (frequencies above 20 kHz)
  • Ultra-short waves (40-300 MHz)
  • Short waves (20-100 MHz),
  • Microwaves (above 1000 MHz) and
  • Diathermy (from 10 Hz)

All these forms induce a deep and intense HEAT which stimulates blood circulation. The measurement of Dr. Voll‘s therapy helps to determine whether you need to restore or to reduce the frequencies. Then the following can be applied:
a) large area oscillation therapy;
b) acupressure in the meridians using a measuring tip.
A needle-rolling therapy is very effective and recommended even during surgeries, using low-frequency oscillations. It is remarkably successful and it reduces pain or swellings without any risk.
Using the technique of needle-rolling in the larger problem area, e.g. head, including the surrounding areas, and lymph, nerves or blood channels along the neck, the local energy units as well as energy deficit or surplus are especially affected.
Dr. Voll was sure that the pain was "A signal from the tissues about the energy flow", therefore, in his therapy, the energy flow and a general fluid circulation is normalized by using needle-rolling together with wave oscillations.