Chin surgery (Mentoplasty)



Mentoplasty is the technical name for surgery that changes the shape of the chin by either moving part of the bone forward or adding an implant (to build up a “weak jaw”, called “chin augmentation”) or by removing part of the bone (to reduce a “jutting jaw,” called “chin reduction”). 
Chin reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure that an experienced surgeon can perform to transform your appearance, create a more harmonious profile, and help you feel better about the way you look.

In both chin augmentation and chin reduction procedures, an incision is made inside the mouth or under the chin. To insert a chin implant, tissue is first freed from the jawbone to create a pocket. The implant is then positioned in the pocket and secured to the bone with stitches or surgical screws and the wound closed with dissolvable stitches. To reshape a chin, a section of bone is cut from the lower jaw, moved and secured. In a chin reduction, the bone may be filed down or cut until the desired shape is achieved.



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