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Calf augmentation with implants or autologous fat is becoming an increasingly accepted method of improving and/or restoring volume and shape of the lower extremity.
Calf augmentation with fat injections is ideal for patients who require very specific, individualized augmentation of the calves, particularly the lower leg or ankle region, that could not be corrected with an implant. 

Calf augmentation with implants is a very popular procedure, which will create cosmetic fullness in the lower leg and can help those men and women who, even after extensive muscular development, can’t achieve the calf muscle toning they desire. Calf implants are best suited for lower leg sculpting, and also can correct muscle imbalance as a result of both physical and congenital defects ("skinny/chicken" legs, bowleggedness, clubfoot, disproportionate calf development).
Men and women seek calf implants for different reasons. While men typically seek an appearance that emphasizes the bulk of the calf muscle, women usually desire calf implants for purposes of anatomical balance, where the lower leg is sculpted to be more proportionate to the thighs.

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